Aoife Kelly de Klerk is an Irish-South African photographer and artist based in Dublin. Her interest lies in the areas of belief, faith, belonging, and empathy.

Released June 2024, GRACE consists of three bodies of work, exploring the concept of the relational, within the context of a Christian faith.

After returning to Ireland after 14years in South Africa, If They Don’t Speak (I) explores the idea of rocks crying out in the absence of conversations around faith in Ireland. The photographs are meditations within this new landscape, and documents solitary paths tread in literal exploration of the scripture Luke 19:40, six hundred kilometers, in five countries, over a four month period. Testimony (II) charts the experience of faith in relation to a life’s journey. For the believer an authentic relationship with Jesus brings a revelation of Love, manifested through lived experience. In collaboration with 18 believers, the work represents a six month process undertaken by each individual to know and take ownership of their story. These testimonies were then scribed by light against the South African sky in the location each person identifies as home. Sumballo (III) is a photographic interpretation of the experience of faith. Fishing, photography, and faith are acts of hope in things not yet seen; a surrender, a coming in and going out, a way of being.

Aoife Kelly de Klerk

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